Estimation of nonstationary wavelet from seismic trace is the core problem of the nonstationary deconvolution. The accuracy of estimation wavelet affects the deconvolution result. There are several methods to smooth the Gabor magnitude spectrum of seismic trace, and each of these leads to a distinct method of nonstationary deconvolution. Among all of the methods, hyperbolic smoothing has proven most robust. However, uniform sampling in conventional hyperbolic smoothing cause subsampling in the observable area and oversampling in the noise area. Thus, this lead to an inaccurate wavelet estimation and unreliable deconvolution result. In this paper, we propose a new hyperbolic smoothing method with variable-step sampling (VSS), which can lead to an effective division in the time-frequency plane. Tests on synthetic and real data have shown that more reliable results can be obtained using the new method; moreover, it can also reduce the calculation time.


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