The ISSN™ technique, the use of a cable-less nodal system deployed on a sparse regular gird in conjunction with the ISS® method of acquisition is introduced. The development of the technique from initial field trial using static spreads of nodes acquired in parallel with a production cabled survey through to a production test of the technique with a dedicated crew and 5 Vibrator trucks is presented. An overview is given of the assurance process followed to introduce this new technology during a Seismic exploration program. We then review the implementation of the technique at a full scale production survey in the BP Ghadames concession. The development of the processing strategy for the ISSN technique is reviewed and compared with the ISS method. We show that in moderate desert conditions where Vibroseis acquisition is possible, using a autonomous cable-less recording system with the ISS method allows for a step change reduction in HSSE exposure for land seismic vibrator crews while still acquiring good quality data at very high production rates.


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