The work presents approaches for development of the Russkoe viscous oil field based on the results of pilot operations and laboratory tests of the EOR methods. The field is unique in terms of both hydrocarbon reserves and problems associated with its development. It is located above the Polar Circle and is characterized with a complex geological structure of highly permeable heterogeneous poorly cemented reservoirs saturated with high-viscosity oil (250-300 mPa*s). Significant factors making field development difficult include presence of extensive gas cap, underlying water, and weakly consolidated sand. Field development has been started with pilot operations whose results make it possible to find the approaches for the full-field development strategy. The pilot design is based on experimental core studies of EOR methods and on reservoir simulation. The following EOR methods have been tested and analysed: hot water, steam, and polymer injection. The first pilot, implemented based on both lab and simulation data, involves hot water injection testing. The work describes the results of experimental and field testing, and full-field development scenarios considered.


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