The link among geological carbonate heterogeneities, such as fractures and vugs, upscaling procedures and simulation flow models remains a challenge. This work perform an methodology aiming a suitable representation of simulation flow model and upscaling procedures approach according to small and large scale carbonate reservoir heterogeneities. The methodology is applied to one flow unit considering diffuse fractures, sub-seismic fractures and vugs. The methodology has shown several advantages: sequential control over static properties and pseudo functions along upscaling procedure; simplification of the match procedure as is done sequentially by heterogeneities scale over the upscaling; reduction of the uncertainty in the accurate simulation flow model approach; reduction of time consumption in flow simulation and project development as the methodology can be implemented for uncertainty workflows; improvement of the integration of multiscale heterogeneities in reservoir simulation. This work presents a significant methodology and analysis that can be useful for multidisciplinary areas of expertise since it integrates geostatistical modeling of carbonate reservoir heterogeneities with reservoir simulation.


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