Geosteering is a systematic engineering which integrates multiple disciplines. In many oilfields of China, three major problems, including multi-disciplinary resources sharing, collaborative working in geosteering monitoring and controlling, decision-making support in real time among different departments, need to be solved in order to really realize integrated geosteering studies. For those problems, this paper proposed a model-driven method including rationalization of geosteering businesses and building of two-tier business models and related logic models. Furthermore, an IT solution including Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Data Service Bus (DSB) and etc were introduced. Two platforms including an integrated research platform and a collaborative decision-making support platform were developed and integrated. Multi-disciplinary resources sharing, real/near real time collaborative working methods in integrated geosteering studies have been fully applied in B oilfield of China and were validated in practicability.


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