Most parameter models for seismic modelling are built from seismic interpretation products e.g. maps, surfaces, regions, attributes, or sometimes directly from seismic images themselves, e.g. by encoding reflectivity into density. Thus models are at best limited to the resolution present in existing seismic images and are often more simplified than desired. We feel there is value to be gained by building models with more realism and greater resolution. Specifically, one of our objectives is to build models that have statistics as close to the statistics of actual geology as possible. To do this we might numerically simulate geological processes when building seismic paramter models. Of course direct numerical simulation of geological/physical processes at very fine scales may be impractical when building large scale models for seismic modelling. Instead we use a hybrid stochastic approach that uses a set of user provided base depositional "actions" coupled to user provided statistics to model multi-facies sedimentary deposition. Using this technique we can create models with very fine layering (e.g. centimeter scale) and vastly more features than can be drawn by hand.


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