Several parameters are needed to describe the converted-wave (C-wave) moveout in processing multi-component seismic data because of the asymmetric raypath and anisotropy. The more parameters which are used, the greater is the complexity when processing C-wave data. This paper develops a new moveout equation with two parameters for C-wave in VTI media: C-wave stacking velocity (VC2) and the squared velocity ratio (γvti) between the horizontal P-wave velocity and C-wave stacking velocity. The new equation can describe the non-hyperbolic moveout due to asymmetric raypath and anisotropy with accuracy about x/z=2.0. Besides, the form of the new equation is the same as that in layered isotropic media. Accurate VC2 and γvti can be deduced from C-wave data alone by double-scanning, which can be used for moveout correction and registration between P- and C-wave data. We verify the application of the new equation and the accuracy for parameter estimation with both synthetic and real data. The new equation simplifies the procedure of C-wave processing and parameter estimation in VTI media, and can be applied to real C-wave datasets.


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