PGS has recently completed deployment of the world’s first, and to this date only, full-solution deep-water PRM project in the Jubarte field in Brazil for Petrobras. The project includes a fully fiber-optic system, topside installation on the FPSO, marine installation of the system in deep-water, the acquisition of active data using a shooting vessel, the acquisition of passive seismic data as well as data-processing of both active and passive data. In addition to describing the final solution and showing what was done, the paper shall also describe some of the steps done prior to implementation. This includes initial efforts to design, certify and build the system, followed by or in parallel preparations to deploy the system offshore. The presentation shall also briefly describe how the unique optical system works and its components. The system itself includes a wide range of different items – from top-side Opto-electronics to a riser, lead-in cables, a sub-sea hub with optical wet-mates, as well as the actual seismic array cables with optical 4C sensor stations over the field. This presentation may also cover some of the hurdles to introduce 4D PRM and permanent monitoring, as well as opportunities to overcome the same, if time permits


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