Three phases of 2D seismic acquisition and PSDM processing were completed by ION GeoVentures from 2008 to 2012. The objective was to provide regional evaluation of the untested NE Greenland Atlantic passive margin. In 2012 ARKeX completed an airborne Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) survey over the area for both the pre-round blocks open to the KANUMAS Group and the blocks for the 2013 Greenland Licensing Round. The FTG survey is the largest ever acquired offshore and covers 50,000 sq.km. The high resolution gravity gradiometry and magnetics have been integrated with the Northeast GreenlandSPAN data interpretation to develop an improved understanding of basement composition, distribution of igneous/volcanic components, the geometry of salt structures within the area, and of fault linkages both within and above Caledonian basement.


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