Covering an area approximately ten percent larger than the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (over 600,000 km2) the Canadian Labrador Sea region remains largely unexplored. Dormant exploration activity has led to nearly a 30 year gap in acquiring data for exploratory purposes. In 2009, Nalcor Energy and Astrium engaged in a satellite survey of the Labrador Sea to map surficial, naturally occurring hydrocarbon slicks throughout the eastern margin of Newfoundland and Labrador. Results from that work led directly into extending a proposed Nalcor invested and partnered TGS-PGS multiclient 2D regional seismic survey into the deepwater extents of the Labrador Sea (Figure 1). As of 2012, this new regional long-offset seismic survey has now added over 22,000 line kilometres of high quality data to the area. Early interpretational results of that data have forced a revision of the regional model including preliminary definition of several new Mesozoic depocentres within the Labrador Basin Complex (LBC).


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