In this study we have employed an integrated near wellbore upscaling and dynamic calibration workflow to resolve the persisting uncertainty concerning the apparent enhanced permeability in a large offshore carbonate field. Geological heterogeneities with the potential to radically influence the fluid flow behavior were identified and used to build probable geomodel and permeability model realizations to be calibrated with the production data. Chief among these is the presence and distribution of mechanically weak zones of enhanced porosity due to diagenetic corrosion that were inherently undersampled in the core data. Core and image log analysis also indicates the abundance of stylolites and associated tension gashes, which were also enhanced during the corrosion event and might impact the permeability anisotropy in the reservoir. The learning from this study provided valuable suggestions to resolve the need for permeability multiplier required for field level history matching. Improving the characterization of permeability distribution in the field provided an updated reservoir model that can contribute to the ongoing development plans to predict the incremental oil recovery more accurately.


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