Since the start of the hydrocarbon exploration in the Netherlands, some 500 gas and oil accumulations have been discovered, of which around 25% has never been developed for various reasons. Total volumes contained in the around 100 stranded gas fields amount to about 180 BCM (GIIP) and the 20 stranded oil fields add up to 55 million m3 (STOIIP base case only and excluding upside). Analysis shows that effectively 9 factors control the development status of fields. These factors are: Field size, Well Productivity, Compartmentalization, Reservoir Strength, Gas Composition, Distance to Infrastructure, Infrastructure Quality, Taxation situation and Permitting situation. These factors have been quantified and form the basis of a portfolio description and ranking. The analysis shows that (expected) poor well productivity is often the main cause for a field not (yet) being developed. This implies that improved understanding of tight reservoirs and advancements in the area of reservoir stimulation can make the difference and turn these currently dormant fields into producing assets.


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