Mauddud Formation in the Burgan field is composed of complex carbonate formation ranges from 10-25 feet. Porosity is high, permeability is low, fracture existence is rare and associated with faults. Typical Mauddud well production is characterized by drop in pressure, oil rate and increase in GOR over a period of time. Exploiting the reservoir through horizontal drilling was best approach, campaign started in 1990's. A lot of information was acquired and natural fracture density was mapped from seismic data. This led to the innovative field trial of new stimulation technique in high natural fracture density wells. This technique utilizes the Bernoulli’s principle to create a very low pressure zone at the nozzle of the tool, which is in contact with formation wall, in open- hole well bore by pumping HCL acid. Through another pumping system, leak-off control fluid is pumped in the outer area of tool to utilize the low pressure zone to create near well bore fractures First job yielded very promising results and the well is flowing till this date. Second job was subsequently done with improved tool and job design in another well, again with very encouraging results.


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