Hydrocarbon reservoirs of the Jurassic Sangonghe group are controlled by lateral change of the lithology in the hinterland of the Junggar basin. Close to the oil source fault, if particle size of reservoir lithologies is coars and physical property is good, the traps will be more favorable for hydrocarbon accumulation. In trap evaluation, the prediction for effective reservoir is of vital importance. After pre-stack time migration reprocessing for early large bin 3D seismic data, the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) and resolution of seismic data is improved,and shows obvious characteristics of“low-frequency and strong-amplitude”at the oil-gas interval. Based on the research of frequency attributes, Integrated with High-bright and Fluid mobility, the hydrocarbon distributions in the target layer are predicted,and the results are consistent with previous drilling. We therefore provide a practical, effective and economical method for the reservoir prediction in the hinterland of the Junggar basin.


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