In October 2012, several of previously known oil and gas fields, located in the North Sea, were surveyed with the newly developed Towed Streamer EM System. This paper discusses a first result of a three dimensional inversion of a subset of the data acquired over Troll West Oil Province (TWOP). The TWOP field is located in the Norwegian sector of the northern part of the North Sea. The water depths over the area range from 310 m to 350 m. The reservoir at a burial depth of 1150 m below the mud-line. The inversion of the Towed Streamer EM System-data acquired over TWOP results in a resistivity anomaly volume that agrees well with the horizontal extent of the target response data and in a correct burial depth from a priori information. Moreover, it also agrees well with previous results from node system data. The result required less than 20 minutes on a 16 processor computer.


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