Recent progress in understanding the internal architecture of deep-water lobes has benefited from high-resolution seismic and outcrop studies which have identified a 4-fold hierarchical geometrical arrangement (beds within lobe elements, within lobes, within lobe complexes). Our aim is to understand the influence on reservoir connectivity and performance of different sedimentological characteristics at different levels within this hierarchy. For this purpose, we have developed a novel object-based modelling tool designed not only to reproduce the detailed architecture within lobe complexes, but also to investigate the sandstone bed connectivity within and between different hierarchical components. We focus on the three-dimensional connectivity of sandstone beds within an idealised lobe, and show that models with statistically identical bed-scale properties (sizes, net:gross ratios, amalgamation ratios) can have vastly different lobe-scale connectivity, dependant on the quantitative sedimentological hierarchy. Hence it is important to test connectivity within different plausible parameterisations of lobe reservoirs of interest, since definition of the hierarchy is subtle and different workers can interpret the same systems in different ways. 


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