The study addresses the hydrocarbon prospectivity of offshore Gabon with a particular focus on the South Gabon Basin based on detailed 3D PGS/DGH MegaSurvey seismic and well data interpretation. It describes the geology, structure and hydrocarbon potential of the South Gabon Basin. The Gabon Basin consists of three sub-basins; the North Gabon, South Gabon and the Interior Basin. It is located within the larger Aptian Salt Basin of equatorial West Africa that stretches from southern Cameroon to Angola. Both the North and South Gabon basins have been found to be potentially prospective during this study. The pre-salt section is structurally complicated as compared to the post-salt section and it has been difficult to image seismically. Numerous structural and stratigraphic traps have been identified and evaluated. Fan/channel systems have been mapped in both pre- and post- salt sections. Within the deeper pre-salt section, tilted fault blocks containing high amplitudes have been mapped suggesting potential sand presence and possible DHIs. Post salt sediments are dominated by 4-way dip closures and stratigraphic trapping mechanisms.


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