Easily recognized bright events on seismic data can infer a host of phenomena, ranging from lithology interplay to indicating lucrative prospects in relatively greenfield settings. The availability of seismic angle stacks integrated to a geological model afford the petroleum explorationist more options to reduce obviously incorrect conclusions and help to identify the more likely cause(s) of these bright events within the seismic data. A combination of simultaneous seismic inversion, and far and near angle stack comparisons gave more confident deductions on certain recognized seismic features as well as identifying potential interesting prospects to pursue and study in the context of petroleum exploration in offshore Myanmar. In the Bay of Bengal Rakhine Outer Fold Belt, exploration 3D seismic acquisition was carried out in 2010 and a significant gas discovery made in 2012. We present some examples of features that were identified on seismic data and how the range of geological hypotheses could be narrowed by seismic inversion.


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