In the complex piedmont fold belts, it is always a challenge to ascertain the crest, buried depth and boundary of structural trap. It shows that the integrated seismic data processing and interpretation method is feasible to address the low SNR seismic data in the Zagros piedmont fold belt. The preSTM processing can effectively improve the imaging quality of seismic data from complex piedmont; and, it is confirmed that the deep and shallow structures are not consistent; structural pattern and trap elements of Bab reservoir are reconfirmed meeting the needs of reservoir evaluation. Under the theory of fault related folding, several methods are combined to interpret the low SNR data acquired from piedmont, so as to provide reliable results. In the study of Kudasht block, several techniques played an effective role, including complex structure modeling, multi-volumes interpretation, establishment of rational velocity field and variable velocity mapping. As a result, the structural characteristics and trap elements of BAB reservoir were ascertained, and it was also recognized that the thickness change of high-velocity Taleh zang sandstones is the key factor for lateral variation of velocity field.


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