Repeatability analysis, quantifying the capability to repeat measurements of a signal, is essential in geophysics and particularly for 4D seismic studies. Traditionally, it relies on statistical measurements like correlation coefficients and NRMS [Kragh and Christie, 2002]. In this paper, we introduce two new repeatability indicators called “Quality Indicator” and “Anomaly Indicator” which allow the identification of inconsistencies inside large amount of data to be compared. These indicators can also be used after a seismic inversion to evaluate the match between the synthetic response of the inverted model and the observed seismic amplitudes. In this seismic reprocessing project, the main objective was to improve the AVO aspects of the seismic data in target areas, away from well control. Computed between the seismic traces and the synthetic response of a simple AVO fit, the repeatability indicators were used at different steps to monitor the AVO compliance throughout processing for efficient QC and validation of these steps.


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