Ghosts caused by free surface in marine towed-streamer seismic acquisition make a notch filter to lead to some useful frequencies lost especially low frequencies, which is bad for imaging deep. Deghosting can be performed by synthesizing upgoing waves based on the over/under towed-streamer seismic data and extend seismic bandwidth. In this paper some factors impact on deghosting such as signal-to-noise ratio of the raw seismic records, the measurement errors of the water depth of the over/under towed-streamer based on modeling data are studied. In case of small fluctuations of the towed-streamer, deghosting is effective as long as the relative position of over/under towed-streamer keeps unchanged. If the measurement errors of the water depth of the over/under towed streamer are large and the signal-to-noise ratios of the raw seismic records are very low, deghosting by over/under towed streamer acquisition becomes invalid.


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