Fractured reservoir is one of the main reservoir types in oil industry. Seismic propagation in fractured reservoir can be greatly different from that of the conventional porous formation. To derive fracture information from seismic data, first we have to understand the characteristics of seismic propagation in real fractured media, and that can be resolved by numerical modelling of the wave field in fractured formation. And it is a meaningful subject to study the simulation method of seismic wave propagation in fractured media. In this paper, we have presented an effective staggered FD algorithm that can be applied in forward modeling of elastic wave in fractured formation. The numerical result has been checked against analytic solution. Through the tested examples of various fractured formations, the soundness of LSM has been validated and its roughness also been noted as the increase of crack density and the misfits between TLM and LSM that may be caused by ignorance of the interaction among the cracks and fractures. Two parameters of EN and ET in LSM reasonably reflect wave polarization and wave splitting of qS. How to correlate the fracture geometry and pore fluid with wave field response is our future study subject.


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