During Devonian territory of modern Volga-Ural Province belonged to east margin of the Baltiya Paleocontinent. In Mid-Devonian closing of the Ural Paleoocean evidently had initiated relative sea level rise and vast transgression occured on the Baltiya Paleocontinent. Upper Devonian intraocean intermediate collision had provoked tectogenesis around the continental margin. Mid-Upper Frasnian transgression maximum resulted in continental deep-water marine enviroments, which were favourable for Domanic sedimentation (main source rocks within the Volga-Ural Province) and for development a lot of basinal high-amplitude isolated reefs too. Tectogenesis resulted in creation of big extended island above inverted Ordovician intracontonental rift, around which the Upper Frasnian – Lower Famenian Kolganian Sequence was formed. It consists of clastic and carbonate clinoforms, prograding away the island towards deep water basin. Well drilling and 3D seismic data, including acoustic impedance analysis, provided good investigation of those clinoforms. In Upper Frasnian clastic clinoform river delta complex has been identified. Deltaic sandstones and isolated reefs control oil deposits in the Devonian section and are believe to be main perspective exploration plays in the Volga-Ural Province east.


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