The gas field is located in the southern part of the Fore-Sudetic Monocline, in the western part of Poland, in Rotliegend sandstones, in the Polish part of the Southern Permian Basin. 3D static modelling was performed with the use of the Petrel software from Schlumberger, using typical workflows applied for modelling of oil and gas reservoirs. Ten proportional layers of reservoir zone were set resulting in model composed of over 1 000 000 cells. An average and several alternative models were result of ten stochastic realizations in SGS technique. The quality and number the input data used to develop parametric models plays a very big difference. The most important parameters characterizing the reservoir rocks are: porosity, permeability and vshale. Assessment of potential reservoir and seal rocks based on a quantitative analysis of a number of parameters determining saturated hydrocarbons and their flow in the pore space. Performed of structural- parametric models of the Żuchlów gas field can be successfully used for dynamic simulation and reserves estimation.


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