Thermal oil recovery methods could be good solution to many crucial problems not only in heavy oil reservoirs, but also in light oil reservoir. Considerable amounts of bitumen can be found in light oil reservoirs and impeding the oil recovery in the main pay/South Rumaila oil field located in Iraq. The objective of this work was to examine the feasibility of steam-injection processes to extract the bitumen amounts from the owc regions. So two reservoir simulators, black oil (CMG-IMEX)& thermodynamical (CMG-STARS) have been applied to demonstrate the impact of steam flooding as heating agent. According to bitumen locations, some water injection wells; that had been halted; have been converted to steam injection. The results showed that steam flooding at the bitumen locations has increased the water influx by depletion thriving and improved the oil recovery by reducing the residual oil saturation. Moreover, the steam, condensed water, near wellbore cleanup have resulted in excellent drive for oil sweep towards the producing wells. STARS' results has been compared with IMEX's and showed that steam injection contributes to enhance getting the desired cumulative oil production in SEVEN years earlier than the case without steam as the recovery factor has also increased rapidly.


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