The North West Java Basin is one of back-arc basins in Indonesia. It is bordered by Sunda Shield in the north, Bogor Through in the south, Karimun Jawa in the east, and Seribu Platform in the west. This paper applies sequence stratigraphic concepts to a stratigraphic succession in Jonggol Area, West Indonesia. The data which is used in this study are detailed observations and careful analysis of Middle Miocene outcrops in the area. There are several lithofacies which can be identified in the research area, such as Bioturbated Sandstone, Cross-Stratified Sandstone, Sideritized Sandstone, Laminated Sandy Siltstone, Skeletal Limestone, Sideritized Shale, and Shale. The study area is then divided into four sedimentary facies, which are Upper Shoreface Facies, Middle Shoreface Facies, Lower Shoreface Facies, and Offshore Facies. All facies is deposited in shallow marine environment. Based on the integration between lithofacies analysis with the stratigraphic succession, a nearly complete sequence is observed at the outcrops in Cipamingkis River. The components of sequence that observed are Lowstand Deposit (LST), Transgressive Deposit (TST), Maximum Flooding Surface (MFS), and Highstand Deposit (HST). Petrographic analysis give a result that the diagenesis of sandstone in the study area can be classified in eodiagenesis to mesodiagenesis stage.


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