Fracture trends plays a major role in the disposition of the hydrocarbon pools in an hydrocarbon basin. Through this study we have analyzed the fracture trends of the different reservoirs in a basin with the help of the major structural features and with the help of the major oil pools present in it. Natural fractures which are formed as a result of the various tectonic and due to the stress variations in subsurface affects the hydrocarbon pools and the migration of hydrocarbons in one or the other way directly or indirectly. This study presents the relation between these hydrocarbon pools and their relation with the fracture trends. This study is mainly carried out with the help of the available data from the few major hydrocarbon basins of India. Many interesting results were found during the study and they were explained in the paper in detailed manner. These fracture trends are very much important for the identification of hydrocarbon pools in a basin in a reservoir of same age. And it was also found that the fracture trend varies with time and they are independent of age.


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