Sub basalts are the flood basalts which were formed as a result of magma flooding. These sub basalts were initially treated as basement rocks in the hydrocarbon basins and there was no attempt made to look for hydrocarbons beyond them. With the exploration of oil and gas in the seaward dipping reflectors in sub basalts in some of the basins has made the geologists and geophysicists to look for these hydrocarbons. Through this work we have made an attempt to evaluate these sub basalts with the help of the integrated geophysical and geological techniques. This work would give and idea of all the available techniques in the geophysics and geology which can be applied economically for the evaluation of hydrocarbon potential and for exploration of these hydrocarbons. Seismic which helps in understanding the subsurface cannot be efficiently applied in sub basaltic study due to high impedance and velocity density contrasts . So integrated methods like EM and MT techniques are required for evaluating the hydrocarbon potential under these flood basalts.


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