Geophysicists and Geologists think differently! One thinks in depth but, with the 3D seismic process, samples the subsurface best in breadth. The other thinks in breadth but, by drilling, samples the subsurface well in depth. The first tends to disregard the excellent lateral sampling and strives to make seismic look like well traces, the second would like to drill multiple wells to look like seismic. Seismic is cheap, while wells are expensive. So how can we make most use of the resolution we already have through better, more thorough, interpretation of relatively cheap seismic data that we have or can easily acquire? This paper will introduce and present some of the geological information that can be highlighted in our 3D seismic by exploiting the resolution available in the lateral domains and in the extra resolution available by the use of colour to represent amplitude and frequency in the data.


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