Draugen is a low structural relief oil field with a sandstone reservoir and, at production start-up, a 50m vertical oil column above the free water level. Reservoir quality is excellent with an average porosity of 29% and multi-Darcy permeability. Draugen started producing light oil in 1993 and had a planned development life of 20 years. After reviewing options for improving recovery from the field, an additional 20 years of production has been planned, with the target to raise the recovery factor above 70%. As part of this project, infill drilling to target un-swept attic oil plays an important role. The infill 2013/14 campaign comprises four infill wells. The first well has been drilled and landed during the summer of 2013; its final reservoir section and completion are scheduled for autumn 2013. The other wells will be drilled and completed in 2014. This presentation will focus on the results of the first well.


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