Abstract Bahi is one of a series of large oil fields located in Sirte Basin, Libya. A horizontal drilling campaign was initiated in 2013 to maximize reservoir performance and increase oil production. Azimuthal Resistivity technology was used to place and maintain the well within the zone of maximum interest, about 3 to 7ft TVD from the roof. The main challenge in wellbore placement based on resistivity is the reversed resistivity contrast that in this field exists between the roof (10 ohm.m) and the reservoir (1.5 ohm.m). The reversal results in a reduced maximum depth of bed detection. The applied Azimuthal Resistivity and Closed Loop Rotary Steerable System technologies, coupled with Reservoir Navigation services provided real-time deep azimuthal resistivity images that enabled successful borehole navigation through the horizontal section, following the structural complexity with 100% reservoir exposure in the 1816ft lateral hole section.


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