Geosteering of the first wells in this field was based on basic methods, neverthelesschangescamewith experience. At the end of 2012, in addition to the induction resistivity and gamma ray, was used Well Placement service based on Azimuthal Density Neutron tool& density image interpretation. Final result was significantly improved. However, this experience has allowed to allocate another shadedpoint– definition of fracturing & cavernous zones, related to filtration properties of the productive layer.In 2013 under pilot industrial activities in this field forfracture zones identificationswhile drilling one of the best service company introduced a well-placement& borehole geologyinterpretationusinglaterolog system that provides both high resolution resistivity and images. This service perfectly accomplished the task in carbonate environment of ONGKM. Post well interpretation of resistivity images allow to update static model with sub seismic faults & fracture development.


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