The paper illustrates the results of 3D static modeling in sedimentary cover of the Polish lowlands and their suitability for characterizing Enhanced Geothermal System. The resultant basic structural framework of the EGS systems model covers an area of ca. 36000 km2. It is composed of 13 structural horizons, starting from the base of the Carboniferous strata up to the top of the Cretaceous succession, and contains 12 stratigraphic zones being equivalents of stratigraphic epochs. The results of structural and parametric modeling were finally presented as maps of average parameters and effective thicknesses, superimposed on maps of temperatures related to the tops of the mapped zones. Superposition of depth, thermal and reservoir criteria allow to indicate spatial extent of hypothetically favorable conditions for EGS/HDR development. The results of static modeling indicate that relatively favourable conditions for EGS systems development can be expected locally of Upper Rotliegend and Carboniferous reservoir. The most important problem referring to practically the whole area of interest is lack of good quality data.


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