A nation's prosperity will be enhanced by the discovery and exploitation of economically viable natural resources within its borders; processes that are more than ever subject of rapid changes and increasingly dependent to the political, financial and marketing factors. In the last two decades the natural resources industry worldwide experienced dramatic irreversible changes. In the oil and metallic ores sector, countries, including Eastern Europe, emerged in global financial and economic markets. The big state-owned mining companies collapsed and/or transformed into private companies, many mines were closed. On the other hand, private sector is talking over the financial part of managing, developing and exploiting natural resources, consequently the new emerging in market countries have to compete in order to attract the attention of major financial institution and companies. The scope of presentation is to explain some of major changes in natural resources industry last decades that directly influenced or will influence the future of geosciences and business models in emerging markets. The authors, based on their long international experience in mining sector, will try to identify some of most influential factors and how the geoscientists must respond to the new era of managing, developing and marketing countries’ natural resources.


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