The article presents the analyze of geophysical surveys: Geoelectric, Seismic for the determination of the neotectonic movements in the Elbasani-Kruja-Lezhe region. 2-D geoelectrical image of the profile “Vidhas-Gjergjan”, related to the neotectonic system of faults is characterized complicated, creating graben structure in the central part of this profile due to the normal slides situated with neotectonic system of faults in the valley of Shkumbini’s River time to time. 2-D geoelectrical image of the profile “Krastë-Shushicë” related with extensional neotectonic regime.The separation of geoelectrical layers of Mirdita’s zone with sub-zone Krasta and aftermost with Kruja’s zone represents the extensional neotectonics of these zones with different dip from the upper part to the depth. Obtained data from the interpretation of seismic profile have helped in the conception of geotectonic model of Elbasan’s water basin. In such conditions is formed graben or cumulative depression of Elbasan, also expressed through seismic facies 0.6 to 0.2 sec. Geophysical-engineering study in Kruja region has identified the sliding plan and their active areas, helping in the selecting of construction sites. Active areas of the sliding are located usually in parts with steep terrain and this phenomenon is distinctly observed in the eastern part of neighborhood Kasme.


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