Albania is characterized by intense microseismic activity and small and medium-size earthquakes and only seldom by large event. We present here the results of the analysis in parameters of events and some features of Seismicity that have occurred in the Albania and surrounding area during 2012 year. On that territory 39°00’-43°00’ N and 18°50’-21°50’E there are 869 located earthquakes with magnitude M≥1.5 (Richter), 196 with magnitude M≥3.0, 19 with magnitude M≥4.0. The most of local earthquakes about 92% are distributed in depth between 0 and 25 km, with maximum concentration between 4 and 12 km. The earthquake foci are concentrated mostly along the some active faults: 1) In the Vlora-Elbasan-Dibra transversal fault zone. In the vicinity of Fieri was registered a small series of earthquakes that have the same level of of magnitude and supposed to be an inducted seismicity. 2) In The Korca-Leskovik seismogenetic zone. 3) In the Ionian seismogenic zone. 4) In the Lezha-Ulqini seismogenic zone. Increased seismic activity was registered on the Greece territory, nearby of southern Albania.


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