This research represents advanced 6D R&D paradigms for evolution of Geosciences up to Space Sciences on fundamental synergy of multidimensional RS-EO (Remote Sensing – Earth Observation), Cosmical Geophysics and Space Physics in the light of actual “Public domains of the Geosciences & Space Sciences”, especially: Global Changes of Environment & Climate Stratigraphy; Planetary Geodynamics; Catastrophic Earthquakes and Volcanoes; 6nD Computational Tomography; Development of Multidimensional Exploration Geophysics for Strategic Energetic and Advanced Earth&Cosmos Technology; Development of Multidimensional 6D-6C RS-EO, Cosmical Geophysics & Space Physics to the 6D-6C (6-Dimensions – 6-Components) and 6nD Synergetical Paradigms for Earth & Space Sciences & Technology… Advanced paradigms of Multidimensional 6D-6nD Space-Time Strategy are aimed to innovative S&T objectives included new 6D R&D aspects, covered: 1. Innovative 6D S-T Coordinate System & Methodology adaptive for multi-waved transitions from 4D-4C to 6D-6C Methodology&Systems. 2. Innovative Multidimensional 6D Space-Time Strategy for Earth-Sun Structure and 6D Geo-Sun Dynamics, 6D S-T Transferences and 6D Turbullences using 6nD Synergy of Earth & Cosmos, 6D Kolmogorov’ Turbullentce and 6D Kalman Space-Time States; 3. Multidimensional & Multitemporal 6D-6nD Synergy Research on Earth&Cosmos Evolution - Fundamental for 6nD System of all Earth&Space Sciences & Technology Systems…


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