Landslides pose serious threats to settlements and structures that support transportation. Especially, they threaten human life as a considerable danger in urban areas. That’s why the areas that are affected by landslides should be investigated. Microtremor method used for engineering seismology is very important for determining of dynamic ground parameters and its variations. Method based on frequency of horizontal and vertical component microtremor records provides to quick and economical estimation of dynamic ground parameters. Most important advantage of Nakamura method defined as single station method isn’t required reference point and it can be applied easily in the area with low seismic density and without base rock. In this study, Nakamura (H/V) method has been applied to microtremor records taken with three components broad band velocity seismometers in 3 profiles and 17 points to determine ground predominant period and magnification parameters on a landslide area is in the Trabzon city centre in Turkey. Maps of magnification, predominant frequency and ground classification (NEHRP) according to the predominant period are created by derived values for define slid zone. And MASW method has been applied in the area (3 profiles) to definite S-wave velocities. The results obtained from two different methods are compatible.


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