Based on processing seismic data, a new interpretation is accomplished to evaluate the possible gas bearing targets. In this paper we give some aspects of true amplitude seismic data processing and seismic attributes for gas detection in some areas of Peri-Adriatic Depression. From the whole of factors that affect in seismic signal amplitude, we have compensated in true amplitude processing the spherical divergence, absorption effect, changes of source energy in different shot points of the line, amplitude distortion caused by near surface heterogeneous, etc. Preferably, also, the data ought to be migrated with careful attention to preserving the correct angle-dependence of amplitude. Computer modeling of the available data and correlation of AVO information with other geologic evidence may be required to determine whether or not observed variations of amplitude with angle can be considered indicative of hydrocarbon accumulation. Many aspects of seismic data are not evident on individual CMP gathers, and are visible only when viewed from a broader perspective. The integrated all analysis of seismic attribute displays, integrated also by well data and modeling results have allowed a detailed seismic stratigraphic interpretation.


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