Abandoned open pit mines create serious ecological risk for the region of their location. This is valid especially for the quality of water since the rainfalls together with underground waters fill the open pit and form water body with different depth. One example for such opencast, inactive copper mine is Medet (Bulgaria). There are many cases reported for water pollution by heavy metals in the rivers running close to this open pit mine after autumn and spring rains. This justifies the need for long term and sustainable monitoring of the area of the water basin of this unused mine in order to estimate its acid drainage. The imaging spectroscopy combined with is-situ investigations is proved to provide reliable results about the area of the water table and the water volume in it. In this study we have investigated historical data gathered by remote sensing which allowed us to make conclusions about the year behavior of this area. The team expects that the results of this research will help in the rehabilitation process of this inactive mine and will provide the local authorities engaged in water quality monitoring with a tool to estimate the possible damage caused to the local rivers.


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