The present study shows preliminary results using the fault mechanisms of small-moderate earthquakes in the Eastern Black Sea Basin and defines relation of fault mechanism with the tectonics. For this purpose, 13 earthquakes which occurred in the time period of 2004 – 2012 were analyzed. Focal mechanisms were determined using focmec algorithm and the analyzed earthquakes characterized a reverse (thrust) faulting mechanism with presence of strike slip component. The earthquakes occurring in the Eastern Black Sea basin and surroundings indicate the active tectonic lines in the region. Additionally, the Greater Caucasus thrust faults with ENE-WSW trend and dipping both south and north directions continue into the sea and the thrust faulting is accompanied with the strike-slip faulting according to the fault plane solutions of the earthquakes. Accordingly, main origin of the earthquakes are associated with the thrust faults related to subduction and accompanied with the secondary strike-slip faults developing in the upper parts of the oceanic crust during the deformation process.


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