The surface area of the Bafa Bay is about 75 km², it’s the location above the sea level 5 m, and it’s the deepest part 20-25 m. The Bafa Lake is located at the watery area about 37° 31´ N and 27° 27´ E which is accepted on the international important area list. Besides, the Bafa Lake is very important area for the archaeological case. The scientific data of the Bafa Lake is too limited. For that reason, the geophysical studies are planned on the first step of the project. After completion of this study, the formation and morphology of the lake will be found out by using seismic and magnetic techniques. To perform this study, an equipped research boat with 4-6 m of the length will be used for the marine investigation at shallow water.. At the first step of the study, data acquisition will be completed and according to the methods which are stated on the study that high resolution seismic and total magnetic area measurement performed. In the result, this study will be the first study, especially, for the lakes. Keywords: Magnetic Area, Latmos Bay, Geophysic, Shallow Water, Seismic Studies.


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