In this study, a N-S trending, internal bay that geothermal potential of Gülbahçe Bay, which is between the Gulf of İzmir and Karaburun Peninsula, is aimed to investigate by seismic reflection data and thermal modelling. The area of study locates at the most western part of Gediz Graben which has a highly geothermal potential. Even though, many previous studies have investigated geothermal system and potential reservoirs onland in this region, the continuation of these reservoirs under the sea has not been researched enough. For this purpose, single channel seismic reflection data was conventionally processed and interpreted and related thermal and fluid flow modeling were performed to understand both major tectonic features which delineate the possible ground water flow paths and geothermal capacity in the gulf. The results show that hot water goes out on N-S trending active strike slip faults along, commented on two lines on E-W trending. At the reflection levels along the vertical axis seen rising structures have been interpreted as the hot water outflow. This outflow zones are also consistent with the thermal modeling results.


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