Economic, social and society damages caused by earthquakes is an important issue for developed or developing countries. Generally, there are three main reasons for damage caused by the earthquakes. These are the properties of earthquake sources, site effect and the structural properties of engineering buildings. Especially, when we interest the properties of earthquake sources, two different solutions of this issue can be produced such as short-and long-term. Early warning is quite a short-term of them. Principal aim of this study is evaluation for a potential damage of Istanbul after a disastrous earthquake and using of earthquake early warning system for this city. For this purpose, we used the peak displacement and velocity amplitudes of the first 3-sec of the P wave. The vertical component records was used to analysis and applied high-pass filtered at 0.075 Hz. The relationship between the peak initial-displacement amplitude (Pd) and the peak ground-motion displacement (PGD) and velocity (PGV) at the same site. When Pd 0.5 cm, the event is most likely damaging. If Pd is combined with the period parameter c determined in an earlier study, then cxPd provides an even more robust parameter for assessing the potential for damage.


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