Petromanas GmbH operates with three license blocks in Albania: Block A&B, in North; D&E in the central and 2&3 the central and South Albania. In the North Albania vibrators used for acquisition, in the Central and South source was Explosive. A big challenge for modern seismic is the ability to image complicated structures. Many efforts done to find best parameters for acquisition and processing. Fold and thrust belts characterized by rapid velocity variations due to juxtaposed rock types. Average velocity maps prepared based mainly on the well data. Generally, when we see a structural image on seismic lines, the next step is to determine where that structure is actually located in time and depth. Grid of 2D seismic lines used for this proposes. Sequences of the seismic investigations include topographic survey, drilling, recording, processing and interpretation. The topographical complexity of the area created difficulties for crew and personnel movements. The high temperatures during July and August and rains in the winter affected the operations. Bad weather on some days impeded helicopter support, causing postponement of crew and equipment movements. The characteristics of the geological formations (rocks of great hardness and resistance) increased the drilling time per shot hole, increasing average times. Briefly, we can describe Petromanas activity in the North, Central and South Albania


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