In Malaysian Basins, offshore Malaysia, there are many imaging problems related to the so-called ’gas clouds’ or ’gas chimneys’. Conventional imaging processes do not offer satisfactory solutions, because of the complex propagation effects that occur. Due to the complex wave propagation through the anomaly and the transmission imprint on the reflections from below these complexities, the image below the anomaly is usually not properly recovered. We aim at constructing full waveform transmission operators (including the codas) from the gas cloud reflection response via an effective medium representation. True amplitude imaging is achieved via multi-dimensional deconvolution for these full waveform transmission operators. In this paper, we present a full waveform redatuming approach on a field in Malaysia, using a non-linear inversion to invert the gas cloud reflection response for its effective medium parameters to calculate the redatuming transmission operator. This imaging approach resulted in improvement in reflector continuity and amplitude restoration below the gas cloud overburden.


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