For the development of the King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA), Jeddah; Saudi Arabia 2D seismic reflection survey has been performed to provide information for the groundwater assessment study. The evolution of the geological and hydro-geological condition is a preliminary task to be conducted for designing the foundation and for studying its impact on the environment. The objective of the 2D seismic reflection survey was detection and mapping of the bedrock layer up to 500 m depth, defining the aquifer hydro-geological features and estimation and delineation of the major geological structures (faults, shear zones, joints). The processed seismic cross-sections revealed many structures and faults and defined different hydrological units (bedrock depth, weathered bedrock, alluvium deposits and evaporite as well as clay layer and lenses). The results of the 2D seismic survey will be presented. The visualisation in 2D and 3D plots of the geological units and structures are provided to give an impression about their spatial extension and distribution.


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