In many countries, United Arab Emirates and most of the Middle East countries included, the need for groundwater has increased and/or is bound to in the upcoming years. The Danish Government has fully understood the importance to manage and preserve groundwater for current and future generations. In 1998 it began an ambitious nation-wide groundwater mapping programme, which will be completed by 2015, and having the purpose to get an accurate picture of Danish aquifers. Geophysics plays a fundamental role, through the use of Airborne EM (AEM) and ground-based methods. Another key feature is the use of rigorous data processing and protocols, together with the use of innovative 3D geological modelling. Building on this experience, the Danish Minister of Environment supported the Rethink Water project, a network of over 50 Danish companies, organisations and institutions able to join knowledge among industry, researchers and governmental bodies in order to improve water safety and efficiency. The aim is to use this experience to propose the same approach (as a whole, or using only some of its constituent blocks) to other countries all over the World, by promoting knowledge transfer to the local partners.


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