This paper details forensic geophysical results of a study looking into below-patio targets, including metallic decommissioned ordnance and weapons and a simulated clandestine burial of a murder victim. Surprisingly metal detectors were not successful to find all near-surface buried objects, with the magnetic susceptibility technique deemed optimal at 0.25 m x 0.25 m sample point spacing. Repeat multi-frequency GPR datasets over the simulated clandestine burial found mid-frequency (225 MHz) antennae optimal to resolve the buried target, although all frequencies had significant attenuation from the patio itself. The two year GPR monitoring project of the clandestine burial found optimal time post-burial to conduct a survey was from burial up to 12 months post-burial and especially during winter months. 3D GPR datasets did not have a clear advantage over interpretation of simple 2D transects, although there were significant numbers of non-target anomalies imaged.


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