The Equatorial Brazilian Margin basins have experienced a complex tectonic history as a result of continental rifting and it is suggested that the margin hosts an abundance of structural traps generated by the wrench tectonics experienced during continental break-up. As the fault architecture displayed within each of the Equatorial Brazilian basins varies due to this transform tectonism, future exploration success within this region will depend on improved understanding of the structural and stratigraphic framework of each of the basins as trap identification is vital for prospect evaluation. This abstract compares the structural trapping mechanisms throughout the Equatorial Brazilian Margin basins and how this affects the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the province. CGG’s high quality seismic data will be used to provide an understanding of the structural development throughout the continental rifting phase into the present day structural styles. The structures are illustrated by example seismic sections taken from CGG’s 3D BM-FZA-6, BM-PAMA-8 and BM-CE-1&2 surveys.


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